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Affordable All Inclusive Cheap Hotel and Vacation Packages

10 July 2017

Do You Know How To Visit Naples?

Naples is probably one of the cities with the most rich history in the world. Every step you do there, believe me, can tell you not one but different stories. And it's normal because this place was among the favourite aims of generations of the conquerors. In this post I'll tell you only about 3 of the treasures of Naples.

First and second of tham you will find in Piazza Mercato.
This is really great place to listen to the stories. But rarely a "wild" "external" tourist would visit it.
Here is the church basilica-sanctuary Santa Maria del Carmine.

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Santa Maria del Carmine,Naples,Italy

04 July 2017

Sea and Mountains - Perfect Vacation in Amalfi Coast, Italy!

If you love sea and mountains, the best solution for your summer vacation is Amalfi Coast.
This is the best period to book your hotel if you want to find still good prices. Curious is how many persons book their vacations in this period. Give a look here: hotel bookings in Vietri  They letterally fly on this most popular search engine.

Here I want to show you my favourite way from Raito to the beach in Vietri Sul Mare. It's not long, but clean and the stairs are not very hard to climb to turn back. I use this way because I like the beach, first. Than, I do not like to climb back the ways in the town of Vietri. I think, the return is much more difficult there.

cheap places to go on vacation Vietri Sul Mare, Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy
Vietri Sul Mare, Raito, Amalfi Coast, Italy

20 June 2017

Rome - Visiting Julius Cesar's Murder Place

Last time we left our one hour walk in Rome visiting Trajan's Column and the maine tourists attraction in Rome - the Imperial Fora.

Today we will visit Largo Argentina and the Julius Cesar's murder place. All the itinerary was not long and we reached this place without long stops in about 30 minutes.

We all are fascinated by the life story of Julius Cesar and when I knew where the place of his dead and funeral fire are, I wanted absolutely to visit them. These are 2 different places. Here, in Largo Argentina, was the Curia that Julius Cesar wanted to visit in the last day of his life even if he felt danger and was warned to be careful.

All the square is a big excavation site and we come there from this side:

Largo Argentina, Rome

10 June 2017

From Amalfi To Emerald Grotto, By Feet

Many persons come in Amalfitan Coast to have speial conditions for their favourite hobbies. Trekking, hiking, snorkeling, running etc - there is place for every passion here. During my walks, I often meet solitary persons or couples or groups of people. Somebody has even sleeping bags over their backpacks.

Personally, I never had the possibility to stay for 2 and more days on the mountains, but I have friends that do it regularly. So, if you want, you can think about this itinerary, too. There are many sources on the mountains and you can meet houses and even restaurants etc there, so you do not need to have great quantities of food and water with you.

It's always better to go with a local guide - there are many residents in Campania that love their moutains so much. If you want, you can write me, too, I'll give you the contacts. The only problem is that they rarely speak other languages except italian. But it's not mortal in any case.

06 June 2017

One Hour in Rome - Trajan's Column

We began this walk near the central railway station of Rome, Roma Termini ( One or Two Hours in Rome, Italy) with the intention to see as much as possible in one or two hours we have between two trains, because we presume we have to continue our trip.

I said you, we can visit and see many interesting places and national treasures. Two of them I described you in the second post of this serie: Rome, Italy - Treasures Of The Art on Every Step

Today, we continue our adventure long the via Nazionale to the Trajan's Column and Altar of the Fatherland, the white monument with grey statue you see in the background of the photo. 

Rome, Italy

02 June 2017

Rome, Italy - Treasures Of The Art on Every Step

Visit Rome in one day is possible in sense that where you go, you always find something extraordianry and fantastic. In my previous post ( One or Two Hours in Rome, Italy )we began to walk in the direction of Largo Argentina where we have to visit the place of the murder of Julius Cesar.

There are thousands of ways to go there, but we choosed the most short one from Roma Termini. We will arrive there in 25 minutes and turn back in 1 hour.The view from Piazza della Repubblica arrives to the end of the street, so we have to reach what we see there very far.

Visit Rome, Italy

29 May 2017

One or Two Hours in Rome, Italy

Is it possible to visit most important sightseeings of Rome in one-two hours?

You will not agree with me, probably, but if we do not use maximum of the situations the life presents us, we would never enjoy many pleasures. So, this is what happend to me many many times. Why?

I live in Italy for 22 years. And only last 10 of them I began to visit places I dreamd to see all my life. I never had time to rest some days in Rome or in other cities, but I passed them some times a year. It's impossoble to me to leave the house for more than 1-2 days and I always book my tickets so that I can turn back as soon as possible.

But one day I had to wait my second train for 2 hours in Rome. I bought a map of the city and studied the places I could visit in these 2 hours.

Rome, Italy, Termini Railway station

15 May 2017

Fabulous Vacation? Amalfi e Sorrento Coast - Mount Faito

Do you dream about a fabulous vacation? Look at this place on a mountain over Amalfi and Sorrento Coast. The mount Monte Faito is very popular and beloved for it's very interesting position that dominates all the Coast from Naples to Amalfi and it's possible to see both gulfs, of Naples and of Salerno from there. And the magic does not finished here because you can see the big islands, too, Capri and Ischia.

Amalfi e Sorrento Coast from Mount Faito
Amalfi e Sorrento Coast from Mount Faito

09 May 2017

Pompei - Very Important Christian Sanctuary and other Mysteries of Campania

Most of us think that Pompei are simply an excavation site. Very famous, the nost famous in the world, but only an archeological territory bounded to the Roman Empire.

It's not so.

Actually, Pompei is a little modern town with 3 different railway lines and autobus lines that connect it to Naples and Salerno, the nearby capitals of the provinces of this region (Campania).

This modern town was born around a very important sanctuary. The cathedral is The Pontifical Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei. The image of Madonna is infinitely beloved by the local population so that you can meet entire families walking till Pompei for many km-s two times a year to ask the Mother├Čof Jesus Christ for miracle. My neighbours walk even 15 km-s to visit the Shrine in May
The Pontifical Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei
If you go in the crypt of the Shrine, you will see many many ex-votes, gifts remembering the grace received from Our Lady of the Rosary.

02 May 2017

Amalfi - The Valley of the Foundries, Full Itinerary

There are not so many places in the world famous as the Valley of the Foundries (Valle delle Ferriere) in Amalfi, Italy. It's impossible that you go in vacation in Amalfi Coast and did not hear about it. It's like the Path of the Gods, the must to visit for everybody who loves nature, mountains, trekking.

There are many ways to visit this valley, some of them are very easy (from Pomerano) or very easy (from Amalfi), but if you like more exciting walks, even EE++, you will go down from S.Lazzaro to Amalfi. You can reach S.Lazzaro with an autobus from different places. From Amalfi, too.

There are different possibilities to begin your walk from S.Lazzaro. Here are some photos of our last trekking some days ago.

S.Lazzaro, the beginning of the path

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