14 December 2012

My Only Travel Dream

When my tourists ask me if I am tired to visit always the same places, I think about their constant research for always new places, things, something they are did not see else. All of them -most if not all- say me they were practically everywhere, there is nothing that could be new for them. When I listen to them, I think that I do not have a desire to VISIT any place of this Earth. I have only one "desire". I would like to pass one-two weeks near the sea in Maldive.

What is it? I do not know, sincerely. Now, before I began to write this post, I opened some internet pages about Maldive and, watching videos and photos, I understood that it's just where I really would like to pass some time. probably, I've heard about this place in TV.

So, this is how looks my dream

I would not disturb animals and environment, I would not fish or snorkel. I would only lay in the water enjoying swimming and on the beach, from time to time, if I would become tired of water...

Now, I read that a vacation would not cost too much for me. I wanted to see the prices and found really surprising 500 - 800 euros return flight...

What can I say you: if you do not find me blogging here for some time, it means, I' m on the beach of one of the islands of Maldive. :-))))

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